Swedish Relaxation                                         Swedish massage is designed to promote  deep levels of relaxation and stress reduction. Hot stones are added at no additional cost.

    60min/$70     90min/$100     120min/$140

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue

Assessment & treatment of pain & dysfunction of soft tissue using Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, & Myofascial Release.  Hot stones are added at no additional cost.

     30min/$40     60min/$70     90min/$100


Thai Massage

Style of bodywork that encourages flexibility thru stretching, compression, and flowing movement. This is a clothed treatment, performed on a mat, perfect for those who wish to experience an assisted yoga-like experience.

     60min/$70     90min/$100     120min/$140


Cupping is a treatment designed to release fascial restrictions, pain, toxins and cellulite.  Suction is applied with cups to lift and release restriction in the tissue.


Reiki Therapy

Reiki  is a treatment based on hands on energy healing thru light touch and concious intent to activate the bodies natural healing abilities, allow a return to balance and wellbeing.


Frequency Therapy

Application of using sound to promote healing and pain reduction thru use of Ultrasound, PEMF and Plasma.

     Sessions vary in time  $40.00

Shea Ren TAE 


Swedish, Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage

Spa Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Scrub

A relaxing 30 minute massage with a blend of sea salt & essential oils, used to naturally exfoliate & detoxify the skin.  This is followed by a warm water rinse leaving the skin smooth & soft. 


Tub, Scrub & Rub

Begin with a session in the hot tub, a sea salt aromatherapy scrub followed by a 1 hour body massage.


Sinus & Congestion Therapy

Aromatherapy Steam Tent treatment with acupressure point & essential oils designed to reduce congestion & sinus issues.


Pancha Karma

An auyrevedic treatment of detoxification. It begins with a Thai massage followed by a steam tent treatment, an aromatherapy sea salt scrub and an hour massage.  This is the ultimate spa experience. 2 1/2 hour treatment.


Infared Sauna

Infared radiant heat source used by physical therapists to penetrate deeply into muscle tissue, to release toxins, reduce pain & burn calories.


Hot Tub may be added to any treatment

Student Massage/when available